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Speedrun tabletop RPG adventures as a hardworking, explorer robot. Choose your paths wisely, manage your energy cores efficiently, and make your creators proud! A solo RPG compatible with any game that uses math.

  • Complete rules, mobile app, and a detailed example of play available on the Technical Grimoire website.
  • Solo RPG that let you play through any adventure module from any game in an hour or so.
  • Engaging resource-management mechanics engage you with tough decisions and big rewards.
  • Doubles as a GM prep tool to familiarize yourself with a new setting or module.
  • Compare your high score to others. Be number one!

Over the next few months I hope to release more content for the Deluxe Edition:

  • Print and Play rules; no app required
  • Adventures specifically for Overpowered
  • Genre re-skins & reworks
  • Expansions, extra abilities, more customization
  • And more! Let me know what you want to see!


Buy Now$3.20 USD or more

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How would this work on stuff from Shadowrun, Blades in the Dark, World of Darkness, etc.? And if not, are there any possible adaptations?

The secret is that you just need a range of numbers to use and lots of obstacles to roll against.

A lot of OSR games tend to have numbers from 3-4 (damage, weak creature HP), 12-15 (AC/DC), and only a few numbers higher than 20 (boss HP, etc). A single dungeon room might have 4 goblins (each with 6 HP), 3 piles of treasure, a fire trap (DC 14), and a dragon (d12+4 damage). All in one area.

But Blades in the dark (and other story games) have scenes that flow from one to another. I don't think Overpowered would be as satisfying to play through unless you laid them out in greater detail (6 guards around the manor, 3 ghosts in the vault, etc etc).

For shadowrun I would use the pool sizes. E.g. if something has a soak of 12 dice, then you need to spend 13 or more Power to overcome them.

If all else fails, then simply assign your own values to things.

Minor obstacle - 4
Average obstacle - 8
Tough obstacle - 12
Major obstacle - 16

I hope that helps! 


This is awesome! I love how it utilizes the way the google dice roller functions. The theme really brings it home. I can imagine expanding this with some downtime base building stuff and maybe a campaign arc to take down "Her Illustrious Majesty" or something.

I'm so glad you like it! It would be fun to expand on one day; with custom adventures, special abilities, and better unlocks.


Oooo. this looks interesting! Question though: How would you reflavor this into a more fantasy-based angle instead of the current sci-fi flavor?


I think you've got two solutions, one simple and one more complex.

Simple: you're a wizard with magic crystals. They can absorb and transfer energy into themselves.

Complex: the dice represent motivation/inspiration. Finding loot and making progress increase your motivation. Fighting and overcoming costs motivation. Each transaction could be roleplayed depending on the number involved. And resting let's you reroll your motivations.

I added a fantasy hack of Overpowered, curious if that's what you were looking for!


Cleared an easy 148 on the first part of the original Temple of Elemental Evil (T1: The Village of Hommlet, from the entrance to the village through the Inn of the Welcome Wench).


I love this.


Fantastic stuff!


Be number one!


What a great idea!

Thanks! I hope you enjoy it. I can't wait to hear your high scores!